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AT4200 Breatheflex Pro Work Jacket - Pastel Multi-Colour

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Introducing the Arbortec Breatheflex Pro Pastel Multi-Colour Work Jacket, the latest addition to our popular Breatheflex Pro line.  Building on the success of the original Multi-Colour jackets, the Pastel multi-colour collection offers a fresh take on workwear with a touch of style.

Please note: the colour combination of this product may vary. 

Born from Repurposed Innovation
The initial inspiration for our multi-colour workwear came from a commitment to sustainability. We utilized leftover materials to create the first Breatheflex Pro Multi-Colour jackets, reducing waste and environmental impact.

The Pastel Multi line comprises shades of purple, olive, beige, and blue. These work jackets inherit the same advanced attributes as the Breatheflex Pro series, ensuring optimal comfort and protection. The jacket is lightweight and breathable with shaped elbows. The abrasion-resistant fabrics give increased mobility for ease of movement around the job site. 

Breatheflex Pro Features 

  • Zip-off sleeves: For added adaptability in various weather conditions.
  • Deep front pockets: Keep your essentials close at hand.
  • Chest pockets: Offer additional storage for tools or equipment.
  • Interior pockets: Securely store valuables.
  • Large back vent: Enhances breathability and keeps you cool.

Size chart:

AT4200 Breatheflex Pro Work Jacket - Pastel Multi-Colour