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THCKIT4 Treehog Start Up Kit

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Introducing the Treehog THCKIT - The Ultimate Start Up Kit for Aspiring Arborists!

Are you a student passionate about arboriculture and looking to take your climbing skills to new heights? Look no further! The Treehog THCKIT is the perfect solution to equip you with top-notch climbing gear that ensures safety, reliability, and optimal performance.

In sizes: S or M/L or XL/2XL


• TH5000 Climbing Harness Orange
• THCR3 Climbing Rope One Spliced Eye Blue/Orange - 11.8mm x 37m
• THCR3 Climbing Rope One Spliced Eye Yellow/ Orange - 11.8mm x 45m
• THK006 Karabiner HMS Aluminium
• TH1154 Prussik Loop Sewn - 10mm x 60cm
• THRG1 Treehog Rope Grab/Bolt Cam
• TH1160 - Strop Cut-Away - 20mm x 200mm
• TH1000 Climbing Spikes - Steel
• TH1195 Throw Bag 280g/10oz Reinforced PVC/Steel Ring
• TH1198 Throwline Orange - 3mm x 50m spool
• TH1170 Wire Core Flip Line - 3m
• TH1174 Rope Lanyard 13.5mm with Rope Grab - 5m

Including free:

• TH4002 Treehog Kit Bag HV - 70L
• THFA01 Treehog First Aid Bandage Kit for Arborists

THCKIT4 Treehog Start Up Kit