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AT3810 Hi Sock Xpert Black/Orange

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Superbly comfortable and durable work sock, ideal for high leg boots - a must in winter, but once worn you'll want to be in them all year round. Our technical socks are made from a blend of Thermocool* Merino Wool** and elastane for superb fit; moisture wicking capabilities and thermal regulation.

The Arbortec Forestwear Xpert sock range harnesses the latest technology and the most recent discoveries in advanced fibers to bring you the best in technical footwear base layers.

When using technically advanced footwear with moisture controlling sytems choosing the right socks can be a difficult process. Now, with the Xpert sock range you can rest assured that your feet will perform at their best.

The Xpert Lo sock is an 14" (350mm) sock made from a blend of Advansa Thermocool®* and Merino Wool** for optimium temperature and moisture regulation and elastane and Borgolon Nylon for a snug fit. With a clever flex zone at the front of the ankle; ribbed calf grips at the top and the 4 layer knitted heel and toe; these socks are the perfect partners for your Arbortec footwear.

Available in sizes M/ L/ XL 
- Instep vent panels and channels around tibia for temperature control
- Moisture wicking fibres on sides and tibia
- Padding in footbed for shock absorption
- Softened instep to protect against blisters and bruises
- Extra flat toe seam for comfort
- Reinforced toe & heel for durability

*Thermocool: The Advansa Thermocool combination is a unique blend of hollow cored fibers and fibers with a longitudinally channeled surface, providing benefits beyond that which can be expected by a single yarn of one type of fiber. 

**Merino Wool is one of nature’s wonders which is naturally breathable and odor resistant, and has amazing thermal properties.

Arbortec Forestwear | AT3810 Hi Sock Xpert Black/Orange

AT3810 Hi Sock Xpert Black/Orange